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  • .I was referred to Dr. Katz to have a tooth taken out. It had been killing me for months. Docteur. Katz and his staff made me feel at ease. We decided it would be best for me to go to sleep to have tooth out and replaced with implant. I woke up and have felt little pain the last few days. I am going back in a few months to check the implant. Hope the Dolphins have a win by then. Docteur. Katz and me shared a lot of old dolphin glory day stories at the consult appointment. great dentist.
  • A cyst being removed from my scalp a few days ago. It was a very quick, clean removal with minimal bleeding and hardly any cleanup required. The incision was stitched. It’s only been a few days and the outer portions of the incisions are already almost completely healed. A very little scar remains and procedure was completely painless. Thank you Dr. Katz and your professional dental staff!
  • I personally reccomend Dr. Katz, as I have received his botox therapy for years now and he is the comsummate professional. I always get compliments that I look ten years younger and his precision and pain free approach, is worth the drive from Naples to a trusted professional, such as he.
  • My son went to Dr Katz to get his wisdom teeth extracted. He was very nervous about having this procedure done. Danny was treated very well. The staff was very caring and warm. He felt very comfortable and relaxed before and after the procedure. Danny had very little discomfort or pain. I would definately recommend Dr. Katz and his staff to anyone who needs to see an oral surgeon
  • I had my 1st implant performed by Dr. Katz. His expalnation of my current dental situation was thorough. It was a very professional experience. State of the art equipment. Very clean well lit enviroment
  • The procedure I had done was tooth #17-partically impacted wisdom tooth (my last one!). As soon as I made the phone call for a consultation, the office staff was curtious, willing to assist me and called right away for my pre-approval consulation with my insurance. The cost was 300.00 which included thelaughing gas.” Docteur. Katz’s assistant put Pandora on, she was very sweet. The facility was very impressive, like walking into a spa. Docteur. Katz’s mannerism was the BEST. As soon as he met me, he shook my hand, explained in detail the procedure with me and gave me comfort that my pain will go away. The gal came and explained the cost, was very sweet. I only waited less than 30 minutes for the procedure to start. As soon as his assistant put the laughing gas on, I just felt a pinch of the needle but did not feel the procedure at all. Docteur. Katz est #1 in this area. Trust me, I had this pain since Monday. Went to see an oral surgen on Tuesday. Did not explain anything, no hand shake, no conversation. Had the nurse do everything. I decided to leave becasue of that. That is when I found Dr. Katz. I am so glad that it worked out because Dr. Katz is a young oral surgeon who cares about his patients. He called me today. HIM, not his assistants.
  • I was referred to Dr. Katz by my general dentist, Docteur. Peterson at Spodak Dental. This guy is awesome. Facility is state-of-the-art. He explains the entire Tx plan before proceeding and is very professional, but down to earth. My procedure included removing one upper molar and one wisdom tooth. I did this under Nitrous Oxide and a local anesthetic and didn’t feel a thing! The only discomfort came about 2 hours after the surgery. Popped 2 Advil and felt great. It is now day 2 and I am healing well. I am definitely going back to Dr. Katz for the removal of the other three wisdom teeth

  • I am completely satisfied with my Botox results. I am 38 y/o and have been going back and forth about the decision to give some areas around my eyes and forehead a little help. Après 48 heures, having this minimally invasive cosmetic procedure and I feel great. My friends couldn’t believe it; they complimented me and asked me if I had changed my hair. Others just said I looked rested, I finally told them and now they are next. Thank you Dr. Katz, your staff is just wonderful too, making the experience very comfortable for me. My only regret is not getting it done sooner!
  • I recently had surgery to repair my maxilla bone which was fractured in a fall. I was referred to a couple of Doctors in the area whose method of treatment seemed unconventional to me. After doing my own research, I found Dr. Katz. My consultation visit immediately put me at ease and surgery (which required an overnight stay in the hospital) was scheduled and performed within four days. My recovery went as predicted and I was eating solid food within three weeks. I mention this because another area Oral surgeon told me I would bewiredfor six weeks only able to consume liquids during that time. Clearly that was not the case.

    Nobody willingly seeks out Oral Surgery but if it is necessary I highly recommend Dr. Ronald Katz. He is very professional with a manner that is kind and comforting.

    Because my experience was so successful, I am now scheduled to have implant work done with Dr. Katz.

    P.S. His office staff is equally friendly and professional.

  • Dr.Katz and his staff are wonderful! He was highly recommended to my mom by my orthodontist, for the removal of all 4 of my wisdom teeth. Being 17 years old i was scared and nervous about the whole process but i and my mom were very happy with the service. He and his staff were extremly friendly and made us feel welcomed, they even recognized us when we came back for the follow up. Dr.katz explained everything to us from begining to end and helped me feel less nervous and my mom and i are very happy with the cost. It’s been 3 weeks since the operation and my teeth feel great. I would recomend Dr.Katz to anyone. Maggie
  • I had an abcess tooth over the Thanksgiving weekend. We called all theemergencynumbers for dentists, none would even return my call.within 2 minutes of calling Dr. Katz’s number Dr. Katz himself returned my call giving me instructions to make it through the weekend and told me to be at his office at 9 am monday. I had 3 teeth removed and was on my way home by 12 noon. Dr Katz and his staff were courteousand profesional, they made me feel completly at ease. The procedure was totally pain free and I thought the price was very reasonable. I can honestly say this was the best experience I have had with a dentist. I have already made another appointment with Dr. Katz to do more work. I would highly recommend Dr. Katz and his staff to anyone
  • Chris V. – I came to Dr. Katz with a complicated case. I needed 4 wisdom teeth extracted, all of which were fully impacted and one of which had a cyst growing around it. I am 26 and all 4 teeth were extremely close to the nerves. Premier, his facility had by far the best technology and most comforting atmosphere. Second, his whole staff is extremely helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns, of which there were many. Most importantly, Docteur. Katz is very knowledgeable and told me how everything would happen, from start to finish. I was unconscious for the procedure and when I woke up for the ride home I was still pretty out of it (felt only numbness). I ate a piece of bread not 30 minutes after the procedure was over, took a pill for pain, slept for 2 hours and when I woke up, I was literally 100% painless. Literally 4 hours after the procedure ended I was up and about like nothing happened. I took pain medicine for 3 days and when I stopped, still no pain. The worst part of the whole thing was me worrying. The procedure went perfectly and Dr. Katz also kept in close contact after the procedure to make sure everything was good. I strongly recommend Dr. Katz to anybody and I am so glad I chose him to be my doctor.

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