Suppression de grain de beauté du visage

A majority of the population has moles, verrues, pigmentations and other lesions on their face, cou et le cuir chevelu. Most of these lesions are benign but some growths may be pre-malignant or malignant. Grains de beauté qui montrent un changement de forme, color, texture or size should be examined and possibly removed for biopsy and micropscopic interpretation by a licensed and board-certified pathologist.

Every patient should examine their moles on a routine basis and seek immediate professional examination if they notice the signs of malignant melanoma which is a potentially fatal lesion due to its aggressive nature.

Si vous êtes incertain au sujet d’une lésion ou spot, s’il vous plaît nous voir, your family doctor or dermatologist. The use of liquid nitrogen can result in unsightly scarring. Dr. Katz utilizes radiowave technology to melt the moles and lesions away with negligible tissue damage to the underlying skin in order to avoid this type of problem. Exciser chirurgicalement (couper à l’aide d’un scalpel et couture) est également souvent utiliser pour traiter les grains de beauté bénins, mais dans certains cas peuvent laisser des cicatrices inesthétiques.

Radiowave surgery is a new technology that utilizes actual radiowaves which melt away tissue growths. This unique technology is very gentle to the tissues and causes much less thermal damage than that of electrosurgery or other cutting/freezing modalities.
mole removal case provided by Boca Raton oral surgeon Dr. Ronald Katz

Procédure de retrait Mole d’ondes radioélectriques

With this unique radiowave technology it takes only a few seconds to remove moles and other growths without cutting or sutures. If the lesion is suspicious, Dr. Katzwill biopsy it before removal. For benign lesions, a numbing cream may be applied prior to a small amount of local anesthesia which is injected using an ultra-fine needle in the undersurface of the mole.

À l’aide de conseils appareil spécialisé ondes radioélectriques, la taupe peut être fondue vers le bas au plan du tissu normal. This usually takes less than a minute or so. Après avoir enlevé la taupe, a raw area the size of the mole is left and will heal in about 5-6 jours pour lisser la peau rose et puis fondu couleur normale dans les prochaines semaines.

Le site opératoire est recouvert d’un onguent antibiotique comme Neosporin et progresse pour lisser la peau rose la semaine prochaine. Si vous le souhaitez, the area can be covered with makeup. La zone rose va persister pendant plusieurs semaines (ou plus dans de rares cas) and will gradually fade to normal color like the adjacent skin. Les patients doivent être suivi vers le haut à 2 months and often times the patient and/or the surgeon cannot even tell where the mole was. The healing from radiowave surgery is extraordinary.

Encore une fois, Il est impossible pour tout chirurgien garantir “minimalement” procédure, but a scar free or minimal scar result is not unusual after radiowave surgery. Patients with very deep lesions or those with pigmented skin are more at risk for minor scar formation.
Dr. Katz a appris ces techniques d’ondes radioélectriques de renom Dr chirurgien cosmétique maxillo-faciale. Joseph Niamtu III and has been able to provide his patients with exceptional results. En réalité, Dr. Katz utilise des ondes radioélectriques chirurgie pour la quasi-totalité de ses chirurgies et a été fait depuis 2006.