Tecnologia avançada

Our practice utilizes the State of the Art in many aspects of our surgery protocols. We utilize cutting edge Cone Beam CT technology for 3-Dimensional imaging which is second to none. Além disso, our Cone Beam utilizes the lowest radiation in the industry. Secondly, we employ a modality called Radiowave or Radiofrequency Surgery which is a minimally invasive and less traumatic approach to doing surgery rather than using a traditional blade or scalpel. Radiofrequency causes less bleeding, which in turn leads to less inflammation and swelling leading to markedly less pain and an overall better postoperative recovery. We also have the newest technology available to promote optimal hard and soft tissue healing by using A-PRF (Avançado de plaquetas rico em fibrina).

Cirurgia Oral da onda de rádio, A-PRF (Avançado de plaquetas rico em fibrina, Cone Beam CT Scan Technology, Endoscopic Maxillofacial Surgery