Forehead Recontouring Cranioplasty

Utilizing Computer Assisted Simulated Surgery (CASS Technique), a novel concept designed by us, we are able to moreprecisely plan and perform procedures without any guesswork. This State of the Art Technique has been developed recently by us for this purpose.
In addition to Forehead Recontouring Cranioplasty, a Brow Lift procedurewas also performed in this region to elevate the eyebrows and provide a more youthful appearance. The aim in utilizing the technology, benefits us in making our surgeries more accurate, and reduce the surgical time. In the forehead recontouring/cranioplasty procedures, the proximity to the frontal sinus, and the need for achieving uniform and symmetrical bone reduction, is a challenge.
Before Cranioplasty of Forehead
2 weeks following CASS Cranioplasty of Forehead
4 weeks following Cranioplasty of Forehead
3D Computer Assisted Simulated Surgery
Replica of patient Skull and Surgical Guides Provided Courtesy of Medical Modeling, Inc.